I Roxxor

I arrived in Safe Haven to find Brandy of -I- and Fabius & Damon of ToM strutting around looking for trouble.

I greeting them with my new battle cry.  For those that don't understand, go here now.

A newbie wanted to join a guild.  I decided to give him the standard 3 question test.  You see my third question here.
He got the answer wrong.
Brandy got a little miffed, but you know women, so touchy about everything.
Jack of Shadows said the nasty BAD guys were outside Moonglow.  We rallied up and headed to find the BAD guys.
Now as many on Siege know, my personal fighting skills are not the best.  Solo kills are just not my specialty.  But Damnation of BAD is so horribly pathetic that even I was able to beat him.
Chalk up one more dead grief player.  Woohoo!  I actually killed someone all by my lonesome!
We headed back to Safe Haven right into a fight.  I was quite confused, but managed to attack the AoV nearest me.  As you can see, I was gankroxxored, 4 on 1.  

Of course, they dry looted me.  If only they had cut my corpse and made jerky of me, they be true dewds.  Oops, I'm dating myself now.

These brain surgeons then proceeded to start on the res kill thing.  I must have taunted them a dozen times, each time getting res killed.  Boy, they really hate me talking smack to them.  The GC boys didn't even hate it this much.

If BAD and AoV are the caliber of PK that attacks Safe Haven now, the truely skilled PKs of Siege history are rolling in their graves.


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