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Counselors of Ultima - Updated February 3rd

Sonoma Stories

Siege Perilous Stories

Siege Perilous Shorts
Fighting Balart - October 7th
A Visit from Lord British - July 11th
Nights in Sonoma - July 8th
Hunting Order Again - June 28th
Hunting Order - June 22nd
A Night at the Theater - May 10th
The Hunt for Pure Garlic - April 29th
The Hunt for Pure Ash - March 25th
GM Treefrog & Counselor Elder Vengance - March 25th
Horse Racing - March 10th
Further BLD - SAS Fighting - March 10th
The FOA Trial - March 3rd
Treasure Hunting, Part 2 - March 3rd
More BLD - SAS fighting - March 3rd
Treasure hunting - February 10th
Solo in Trinsic - February 10th
BLD vs. SAS War Begins - January 18th

New Houses for BLD
Fun with thieves - December 21st
Fun in the New Lands - December 17th
The end of the FOA? - December 12th
Fun in Delucia - December 12th
Looting the KK Guild - December 9th
Busy Days in Sonoma - December 4th
The Many faces of Grunk Half Orc
The Battle to Free Martoo Saul - October 18th
The Battle to Free Zendella Kxris - October 15th
Help the Followers of Armageddon!
Helping Junin Pince
Random Screen Shots
PK Hunt - DOM Fight - August 28th
Followers of Armageddon - August 18th
Fun with Orcs & SAS - July 27th
A night in Sonoma - July 18th
A Trip to Trinsic - July 15th
Monday, July 6th Fight in Vesper
Vesper Bank Fight viewed as ghost
Grunk Half-Orc
Llew and Nexus Fighting
A counselor agreeing that Grunk dies too often. 

Monster Tournament - Feb. 26th

Blood Castle Placed - February 4th


The Cookie Story - December 5th
Defending Safe Haven - October 31st
Lizards in Safe Haven - October 24th
Hats & Stuff - October 16th
I Roxxor - September 17th
Fighting on Siege - August 28th
Dig for Treasure - May 26th
Treachery in the Keep - May 17th
Wandering Siege - April 27th
UDL Knighting  - February 28th
The Long Wait - February 20th
Battling Guardian's Chosen -Feb. 2nd
Three Way Fighting - January 18th
The Pink Alliance - January 10th

Visit to the Imperium - December 23rd
CE & SC Orc Fight - December 9th
Assorted Images - November 24th
Fun Night - November 15th
Coventry Duty - November 13th
Blood Isle - November 10th
Ode to Rimcat - November 10th
Grunk's Journal - November 6th
Roaming Siege - November 5th
Our New Home - October 30th
Vesper Fighting - October 27th
Fighting Murderers - October 25th
Hunting the Hunters - October 4th
The Dawi make a Stand - August 21st
I am an Evil macroer - August 19th

Girl Scouts - June 11th
by Petri
Even Antis ... - July 30th
by Petri
Poor Glendor - July 29th
by Jameison Ve'Alba
Poor Jove - July 28th
Savage Blowback - July 15th
Fun with Bolas - July 13th
JD at Brit GY - July 9th
Taking Pouches is Bad - July 9th
Dealing with GM Ash - July 3rd
CH gate out - June 29th
Smithing Success - June 22nd
Someone Explain to me - June 15th
Assorted Images - June 11th
Fights near Delucia - June 6th
Solo Fights - May 31st
Good PKs & Bad PKs - May 11th
Ivan is a PK - May 4th
Aegis Ganks a PK - May 4th
Aegis owns the Shard - April 29th

Aegis Era Begins

So Strong - April 15th
Dealing with a Twink - April 20th
Solo Wandering - April 19th
Battling on Ice Isle - April 1st
I Rox Lector - March 13th
Phire & Gudluk's Big Plan - Feb. 18th
Mocker's Head Payout - Feb. 16th
Fun on Sunday - Feb. 13th
Long CotD Fight - Jan. 28th
The Return of Pink - Jan. 22nd
Yet More Fighting at CotD - Jan.21st
A new horse for me - Jan. 18th
Fighting at CotD - Jan 18th
Fighting the olo group - Jan. 16th
Teamup with BiH - Jan. 15th

Big Fight in Safe Haven - Nov. 27th

Undead and Orcs - Nov. 27th
JD and a Nasty Bird - Nov. 22nd
Poor Kewl Hand Luke - Oct. 26
Safe Haven Rally - Sept. 26th
"Yeahaw" - Sept 19th
Reopening Alora's Bar - Jun 9th
A story I can't remember - May 29th
Shame and the orcs - May 5th
Shadowclan & Clowns - May 1st
Defending Sosaria - April 27th
Fighting GC - April 4th
Ishar Eminy vs. Robin
Fighting Everyone - March 28th
 Friday night at the Vesper Graveyard
CounterForce hanging out
A few fights

Taking the SC Fort

A trip to Deceit

Safe Haven Defense

What Anti's do during offtime

Guardian's Isle

Fighting some CE

Back to Fighting SC Orcs



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