Three Way Fighting, Page 2

Soon, we received word that OGD & GC were at the third level of Covetus dungeon.  We headed there to confront them.
Triskin of OGD was my first target and he fell to my kryss.  As you can see the battle was fast and furious.  Dire died early, but the dragon he brought fought on.
Each side suffered heavy losses, and th e lich room was covered in corpses.
I feel as well and joined the ranks of the dead.   Did I mention that magery is too powerful?
In the ether world of IRC, I called out from death for more help.
Sistro Mondain arrived soon to fight, but he was outnumbered by the enemy was forced to leave the dungeon.
Outside the dungeon was a killing field as well.  My guildmate Darth fell, as did many of the Pink/CF.
OGD brought me to life and I prepared for a long walk home, little did I know the battle was just beginning....
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