Three Way Fighting, Page 1

For those that aren't aware, the fields of Siege Perilous have been red with blood from the battles raging nightly.  There are three groups fighting.  The Pink Horde/Counterforce (CF), a group of Antis and former PKs from CE/VJ/ToM, Guardian's Chosen/Order of the Golden Dawn (GC/OGD), two allied PK guilds, and Undead Lords (UDL), a roleplaying PK guild.  Each group is kill on sight to each other.  Here is a typical night on Siege Perilous.
I arrived at Vesper Bank to be immediately told to jump in a gate.  Blindly,  I follow Pink/CF members into the gate.  We arrive to find UDL attacking the home of the Tak'ier Clan near Despise.  I must note the courage of Henrick De'kalb.  He consistently attack UDL even after dying many times.  Glory Brother, Glory.
We outnumbered the UDL group, but they are fierce fighters.  One by one we struck them down.
Most of the UDL stayed to fight, but they were no match for our mages and melee fighters.
Personally, I enjoy there battles because in the end there are always plenty of horse steaks to eat.
Redox, under control of a new soul, came under heavy attack from Alexandra and Wolf. Our mages are every bit as powerful as UDL's. 
Even with the help of a healer, our enemies had no chance.
After fighting UDL for a bit, surprisingly, Legolas of GC ran by us.  He didn't get far.
In my hunger for more horse steaks, I inadvertently killed my friend Rampage's horse.  Sorry Rampage. *weak grin*
After mopping up the battle, we headed back to CE tower, where Sistro Mondain spoke for us all.
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