Battling Guardian's Chosen, Page 2
A few days after the Coventry battle previously shown, CF and GC fought again.  
We received word that GC had entered Deceit dungeon.  I was with a group of Tak'ier at Vesper bank.  We hurried to attack them quickly.  We called out across the land for more fighters and then gated to the Ice Isle.
We should have smelled a trap.  Our group headed in with no opposition.  Arryn Tak'ier and I were at the end of the line.  In an classic ambush setup, a spy told GC when we had entered the dungeon. Five or six GC gated in and rode into Deceit.  They caught up with Arryn and I on the first level.
Knowing we were dead, we attempted to delay them long enough to warn our compatriots.  
As you can see I was a bit outnumbered here.  I think Arryn was able to stealth around a bit before GC found him.

Shortly afterward KGB and other arrived to battle GC.  The Tak'ier were engaged with some GC deep in the dungeon.  

I did not see any of these battles, but I heard that at first the CF counterattack drove the GC back on their heels.  However the GC regrouped and put KGB on the run.  The battle raged a while in the dungeon.

As usual, I resurrected and returned to the battle as soon as possible.  Punisher and Katrina of GC were stationed outside Deceit to stop warriors form rejoining the battles.
Damn PKs....
The CF lost this round.  Most of the CF fighters were killed.  Only a few GC were killed.  

Poor organization of the raid was my fault.  We should have gathered a much bigger group rather than arrived in small groups.  Next time...

The ghosts you see (except me) are all spies.  This type of spying has gotten out of hand.
While I lost all my gear, I was able to save Serket Xie's pretty armor.  Of course, even a hardened fighter like me learned something during the battle.  Thank to GC for the resist help.
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