Battling Guardian's Chosen, Page 1
For several weeks now, the CounterForce has been fighting the killers from Guardian's Chosen, Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Undead Lords.

Here are the stories of the CounterForce (CF)  battling the Guardian's Chosen (GC) on two different nights with two different outcomes

Slightly west of Coventry, the CF gathered to prepare for battle.  Scouts were sent out across the land to find evil to battle.  The fighters prepared themselves for battle.


Quite happily, GC chose to attack Coventry while our army was waiting.
GC was outnumbered by CF fighters and faced demons as well.
Punisher was the first to fall, surrounded on every side.
There were so many CF fighters that many of us were able to stand still and fire arrows and spells at GC running by pursued by warriors.
GC did put up quite a fight, but they were utterly crushed in this battle.  I do not think there were and GC survivors.   Surprisingly, I did not die in this battle.  Mark it on your calendar.

Here you see the fallen GC fighters.  Their contributions to the CF reagent fund is appreciated.  We were especially happy to see BiLL GateS fall in battle.  Here, Sickboy pays his respects to his fallen leader. 
The CF consists of many guilds banded together to fight the evil that plagues our land.  For more information on the CounterForce, visit the web site.
Of course, this was just one battle, go on to page 2 to see how another battle ended between the CF and GC forces
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