Adventures of a Cookie Salesman
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Next, Oliver, Illuminati, and I headed to the Imperium.  These guys are rich too.
Heh, I hope Fey didn't see Oliver doing this...
Soon customers arrived and I began my spiel. 
They looked interested, but I didn't see any bulging purses.
I hoped for the best. 
The yutz tried to tell me he didn't have any gold.  What a liar.
I mean, c'mon, 10 gold?  You get that off a mongbat...
The lady said she didn't want cookies.  Aha, I was prepared for that old ruse...
She questioned why we were selling cookies.  Oliver continued the hard sell.
The first yutz continued to try to bargin.  What is a girls school going to do with purple explosion potions?
The lady, Akkhina, still suspected a trick.  She offered us wood instead of gold.  What a bunch of cheapskates...
Sale #1
I smelled sheep, and soon Caramon Fey appeared.  This guy had better have some cash!
Suddenly, Mr. Bargain Hunter, starts sucking up to Fey and asking about laws and such.
I began my spiel, and Fey made up some taxes on the spot...
Niels Ashe appeared and happily paid for some cookies.  Thank God for a normal customer!
Sale #2
Caramon tempted me with bottle of booze.  Oliver agreed it had been a hard day....
Sale #3
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