Adventures of a Cookie Salesman
Page 1

Like any good husband and father, I do as I'm told.  My wife and eldest daughter told they needed to sell cookies as a school fundraiser.  They said other fathers sold them at the office and I was expected to try as well.
I picked up the cookies and muffins and headed got ready to sell at the 'office'.
My good friend, Oliver Holmes, helped me get to the isle of Guardian's Chosen.  He has a daughter in Vesper Girls School as well.  Knowing GC's wealth, I thought it would be an easy sale.
I began my spiel.
I picked up a little negativity from the GC folk.
Then they let fly with all sorts of magic...
Soon, Oliver and I were watching the action in monochrome.
A bit of a scuffle broke out over the cookies.
If they had wanted cookies so badly, I would have sold them tons...
GC gated us back to town.
We discussed our first sale attempt and possible better methods.
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