Ultima Online
Ultima Online (UO) is a massively multiplayer online role playing game.  If that makes no sense to you, you are probably in the wrong place.  I spend way too much time playing UO, and not enough time doing what my wife wants.


Blood Clan Page - Pictures - Msg Board My UO guild
UO Development
Official UO FYI From the horses mouth to your browser
COB Dev Board Where the horse's asses live
News Pages
UOVault Highly trafficked UO news site
Crossroads of Britannia UO news site with many message boards
UO Stratics UO news site with the most comprehensive UO data
Power-Gamer.com A new news site.  Visit them.
Rant/Opinion Pages
Lum the Mad Rants and more rants.
Dr. Jinx Network Rants and more rants
The Azile Witch Project
Dr. Twister Bugs, exploits, rants and more exploits
RealAudio Sites
Forward Artillery Interesting audio programs
Battle Vortex Good audio interviews with UO personalities
Siege Message Boards
BattleVortex Siege Perilous Discussions Two goods boards here, one for PvP issues
UO Vault Siege Perilous Discussion General Discussion
COB Siege Perilous Discussion General Discussion
Siege Perilous Guilds
Alliance of Sosarian Trade (AST) Merchant GUild
Angels of Death (AoD) Don't know many of them
Brothers In Honor (BiH) Anti-PK Guild
Britain Militia Don't know these guys
Clan of the Chaotic Zephyr (CCZ) Guild of Chatzone posters
Criminal Element (CE) PK Guild
Dark Covenant (DC) Adventure Guild (not Anti or PK)
Family of Silver Serpents (FSS) PK Guild, they wear purple
The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB) Don't know these guys
The Ministry (*M*) Mainly Vesper guild
Order of the Golden Dawn (OGD) PK Guild, they wear green
Perilous Adventurers Guild (PAG) Don't know many of them
Royal Order of Knights (ROK) Anti-PK Guild based in Coventry
Shadowclan Orcs Roleplayed Orcs
The Ta'kier Guild I think they are PKs, not sure.
The Undead Lords (UDL) PK Guild
Third Party Programs
UOAssist Simply the best helping utility available to UO players.  Get it.
UO Auto-Map A good program for showing your location and grouping with friends.
MIRC Good IRC client
Roger Wilco Real time voice chat while playing UO
ICQ The only 
Thanks to power-gamer.com for their link page


Rant if you want...