Pre Fight Eating Contest

We had a small get-together to watch the Lennox Lewis / Mike Tyson fight.

Martin and I cooked up the standard backyard fare of hot dogs and hamburgers.

Casey challenged Martin to small eating contest.
The first to eat an entire hot dog and drink the sipper jigger shot would be the winner.
  Martin is the large goofy black man, Casey is the large goofy white man.

Here they are prepared to eat.  Note the sipper jigger on the tray in front
of Martin on the table.

The contest begins.

After the first mouthful, Casey bravely reaches for the sipper jigger and slugs down
about a shot of Jack Daniels.  A new tactic in eating contests.
It's called, "Making yourself gag"

Casey has trouble with the whiskey and Martin attempts to match the feat.

The crowd thinks Casey will hurl, but he maintains control.
He stuffs the remaining dog & bun into his mouth and washes it down with
the rest of the shot, mostly Coca-Cola.

Casey is the victor.

Martin finishes a few seconds later as Michele keeps time.
Casey finished his dog & shot in just over 40 seconds.

Soon enough, the fight began.
We enjoyed cigars and port on the back deck during the fight.

We are so cool.

Heidi, Len, and Martin watch in disbelief as Lewis beats Tyson to a pulp.



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