Michael's Holiday List

I have been asked to make a list I'd if items I'd like as gifts for Christmas/Hanukah/Festivus.  While peace in the Middle East, a cure for various cancers, and pollution free energy would top the list, I am asked to 'be reasonable.'  Being reasonable, I would request donations to The National Jewish Medical and Research Center.  National Jewish is a world leader in the treatment and research of asthma, allergies, and other autoimmune problems.  Helping them would make me very happy indeed.

I do not think those requesting this list will be satisfied until I have a package to open, so I present your with things that would make me happy to unwrap.

These are in no particular order.  I also do not expect you too get me something off this list.  If you feel the need to buy me a surprise, by all means do.  Surprises are good.

More work pants (yes, it's dull, but I need them) - ask Michele for details

A new suit (yes, duller than pants, but Michele tossed out my other one for being too old) - ask Michele for details

A nice print of work by the artist Andrew Goldsworthy, I have no idea where to find this, but a print for one of his exhibitions would be great.

An inexpensive DVD-ROM player for my computer.  I'm talking cheap and simple folks.  Something like this.

The following books:

All Tommorrow's Parties, William Gibson
The People's Choice, Jeff Greenfield

A History of the Supreme Court, Bernard Schwartz
Dune: House Harkonnen, Brian Herbert

The following DVDs:

The Monty Python Collection - 14 DVD Set
Apocalypse Now

Lastly, here is the item I have no real need for, but is obviously the coolest of all. The penultimate nerdly object of desire.

Aiwa CDC-MP3 Car MP3-CD Player