Crawfish Boil

A few weeks ago, our friends, Len & Monique, had a crawfish boil party.  Here is the story of the day.

While it has nothing to do with the party, here is a picture of Mira, eating cinnamon toast for breakfast.  Yes, that is blue butter on her toast.  She's an open-minded girl.

We arrived at Len & Monique's house and were greeted by this sign.
Woo hoo!

Here are the directions, I'll retype them since they are hard to read:

1. If you have not already done so, drink a cold beer.
2. After your beer, you would normally blah blah blah crawfish blah blah blah. If you want, use the time you saved to drink another beer.
3. Drink another beer.  Give one to a friend.
4. Fill large pot blah blah blah crawfish blah blah blah.

Who can go wrong with directions like this?

The SIXTY pounds of crawfish were packed mesh sacks surrounded by ice.
We opened a sack and got out a few crawfish.

 We freed a few to see what they would do.
 They just stared at us like we were some sort of giant monsters that were going to kill and eat them.
Umm, they were right.  We were just waiting for the water to boil...

I made this one dance on an orange.  Yes, I am cruel.

Here you get a idea of how many crawfish there were.  The yellow bag held 30 pounds of crawfish.

No, I don't know why Len is standing funny like that.  Could be all the beers we were drinking.

The first batch is ready to go.  I instructed them to pray to their crawfish god.

Len dumps the crawfish into the boil pot.

Casey let a crawfish bite him.
The children enjoyed this moment to no end and asked him to repeat it throughout the party.

Here Len is about to instruct we crawfish novices in how to eat.

Here is one with the head ripped off already.

Actually, it is quite simple and even a six year old like Emily can do it.

The little sliver of meat was great.  I drank many beers and ate many crawfish.
I sucked the head a few times, but didn't find it as great as the others did.

The boil continued into the night.  We brought a lamp to eat by outside.
Casey, Janet, John, and Monique are shown here putting them away.
I was inside eating brownies at this point.

Zoe to took a liking to the crawfish and enjoyed both eating them and playing with them.
Here she is with one of the last remaining crawfish.
The next morning Len found a half a dozen or so crawfish wandering around aimlessly.
He cooked them for breakfast.  Delicious!

So if anyone ever invites you to a crawfish boil, you say "Yes!".



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