Modding the Coffee Maker

As some that tread this site may know, I recently bought a new coffee maker.  I don't have any complaints about the coffee it makes at all, but there is a problem with my new Mr. Coffee.

As you can see, the filter holding is full of water after being washed in the dishwasher.
I soon discovered that there was no way to place the filter holder that didn't end up with significant amounts of water being held after a run of the dishwasher.
This leads to old dishwater getting splashed over the clean dishes as I empty the dishwasher.

This simply won't do.

In looking at the carafe, I noticed that the Mr. Coffee engineers had thought about drainage and had placed a small hole to allow water to flow out of the handle.  I don't know why they didn't fix the filter holder as well.

Like any good engineer, I planned to "measure twice, cut once" as my father taught me.
(on a side note, the older I get, the more I realize my dad did know what he was talking about when told me things as I was growing up)  So, I marked the drill point after measuring the internal depth of the offending, water-holding area.

Viola! A target for my modification.

The tool.
Yes, I know you're jealous of the keyless chuck.

The actual modification.
Note the complete lack of any safety equipment.  I'm a fucking madman!
Kids: Do not try this at home without gloves, eye protection, vises, and a note from your mother.

The deed is done.  A drainage hole has been created.

Here you can see the coffee maker put back together.  The drainage hole looks good.  I daresay that no one would think it didn't come out of the box like this.  Even Michele was happy with the outcome of this little project. 

Yes, that's my teapot.  No, you can't have it.  I bought it off eBay for $12.

Long time readers will note the calendar.  This is the infamous calendar that I have been instructed to check daily to ensure I 'know what's going on' in the house. 

The test.

After a run of the dishwasher, we find that the modification is a success. 
No water is held by the filter holder.
Next, I need to find a place to add a cold cathode tube to the coffee maker...



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