The Chimney Barbeque

How to have a small Barbeque

While Michele and the girls were out of town, I was cooking for myself.
I felt like a steak, but the thought of firing up the whole gas grill didn't sound
like a good idea.  So I picked up this chimney charcoal starter
at Barbeques Galore along with a some natural charcoal and hickory wood chunks.

I had seen this idea on Good Eats and thought it sounded fun.

I set up the charcoal starter to be the actual grill.  Not the safe spot I placed the setup.
Over a metal grate surrounded by concrete...

I had picked up a nice beef tenderloin earlier.
It fit perfect onto my mini-grill.

I flipped the meat and saw the beautiful brown color.

After a few minutes more, the steak was ready to eat.

I grabbed a Pilsner Urquel and sat down for a manly dinner.
Steak and beer.  What else would you want?


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