Geocache 7 & 8

Michele and girls left town this week for three weeks in Ohio leaving
me home alone.  I decided to do a few gecocaches the first weekend they were gone.
LarsThorwald planted a new cache, the Ghost College Micro and I wanted to find it.

I packed up my gear and headed out.

Ambassador College has some amazing grounds.

It would truly be a same to turn this into a housing complex.

The sculpture caption reads:
They shall beat their swords into plowshares

It wasn't hard to find the cache.  But the area is a bit creepy with no one around.
According to the GPS, I'm within 3.3 feet.  Damn accurate if you ask me.

The secret hiding spot of the cache.

I took a gold dollar coin, left a Macau coin, a Singapore coin, and a dollar bill.
The coin swapping from around the world will be fun in these micro caches.

Yet another pretty sight from Amabassador College.
You shouldn't miss it!

The next day, I decided to go geocaching again.

This time I was going to The Lost Wolverine cache near the Rose Bowl.

Finding the general location wasn't hard, but the last 50 feet was rough going.
I'm glad I wore my hiking boots to this one.

When I opened the cache, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a good item to trade.
 I improvised and took the calendar and left a $5 bill.

Here's looking back at the Rose Bowl from the cache.

The front of the Rose Bowl for those who have never seen it in person.

While I enjoyed these two caches, I want to do a few harder caches
that take me deeper into the wilderness in the future.


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