Geocaches 2 and 3

Today I took the family out on a Geocaching expedition.  Even my wife, Michele, came along.
Now she's hooked.

We started out from home.  I had entered the waypoints for two caches,
the North Side City Cache and the Beneath My Wings Cache. If we were successful on
the first cache, I was hoping we could hit the second cache.  With my daughters aged 6 and 3,
I had chosen easy to find caches.  Lots of hiking would be tough.  I'd end up carrying them.

We got close to the North Side City Cache fairly easily.
All the girls were a bit surprised by the dead possum right next to the cache.

After a bit of probing, we found the cache.  It was in a case identical to the one
we found in the Lacy Days, Hazy Nights cache.  Zoe & Mira were quite eager to
ransack the cache.

Zoe wonders if she can have the matches.
We ended up taking the rubber ball, the California keychain, and a copper tag.
We left a bottle opener, a Hong Kong 20 cent coin, and a gold $1 coin.

Our position.

I convinced Michele to drive us to the second cache.
It is very close to the famous Eagle Rock.

The cache was straightforward to find and hidden nicely.

Mira and I with the cache.

I really liked the ammo box cache.  When I start placing caches,
this is how I want to do it.  We took the dead head hat and a Happy Meal Barbie.
We left a glass bead bracelet and a gold $1 coin.

Our Position.


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