Geocache 12

Go Fly Another Kite!
N 34 09.888 W 118 11.428

After a finishing Cache 11 we headed toward the next cache.

Mira, my four year-old decided to sit this one out while Zoe (6) and I attempted it.
 My wife, Michele, stayed the car as well.

Rather than read the directions, I simply headed off toward the cache exactly
 how the GPS pointed me. Big mistake. There was a slight path in that direction and
 I assumed it was the right way.

It was the wrong way.  After a bit of hiking, Zoe decided to take a
break and eat a little food.

After marching through tons of brush, I realized we were way off the track.
We were at the bottom the the ravine, with homes below us.

You can see the path we walked with the red line. 
We should have been walking on the path on the top of the ridgeline.

I decided that we had to make it to the ridgeline to see where we were.
Zoe was a real trooper as I pushed, pulled, and cajoled her in an assault directly up the hill.
 After much climbing, we hit the ridgeline.

The red line shows the path we took up the hill.

Wow, what a view.
Nice breeze.  I see why this is called Go Fly a Kite.

It wasn't hard to find the cache once we were up there. A nice big ammo box.
The wood hid the box from the casual passersbys.

We took the bead necklace and foam ball.
We left a survival book, a bag of band-aids, a hair clip, and small bottle of sun block.

Since we came up the wrong way, I wasn't sure the 'right' way down.
I made my best guess, and luckily we found the correct path.

For all the trouble, we had a blast!

Thanks for a great cache Larsthorwald!


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