Geocache 11

School Days
N 34 09.748 W 118 09.795

After a bit of a break, we took Sunday to do a pair of caches as a family.
I gathered the details on two nearby caches in Pasadena and we hit the road.

The first cache, School Days, was near the Rose Bowl so we got there in
just a few minutes.

Zoe was ready for a nice walk with her backpack and hat.

We crossed over from the parking lot as Michele and Mira
followed along as Zoe blazed a trail.

After a bit of looking, we found the cache against the wall near the coordinates.

Zoe with the cache.
What kind of silly face is that?

Mira and Zoe looked through the trinkets.
We left a bag of band-aids and a pair of AAA batteries.
We took a flattened penny, a rubber scorpion, and the koosh ball.

The area is obviously a party zone of some sort.
We saw several porn magazines in the area.

We also saw a few used condom wrappers.
Good Times...

Next we were off to Cache 12.


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