Tacos at Burger King

A few days ago, I was driving past the Burger King on Fair Oaks
and I was amazed to see the marquee said,

"Try our new tacos"
"2 for 99"

I was excited.  I love the tacos at Jack-in-the-Box.
Could these tacos be as good?

I mentioned it to my friend Martin and we agreed we had
 to try them very soon.  The next day, he stopped by the house with
four tacos.  We split them and enjoyed fast food nirvana.

Today I decided to do more research.
I convinced my coworkers to accompany me to Burger King.

A friendly sign greeted us as we arrived.

Inside, the sign at the register called out to me!

I bought six tacos.  If two were good, six would be great!

Even my coworkers had to try the fabulous tacos.

Here is the contents of a Burger King taco.
It is extremely similar to the Jack-in-the-Box taco, right down to
the meat paste and slice of american cheese.

Admit it, you are jealous you weren't at lunch with us.

Here I am enjoying the tacos.
There is nothing better than greasy fast food.

The only problem was after eating six tacos all the blood
left my brain and put me into a food coma.

Thanks to Brian & Pat for coming along, and to Mike for taking the pictures.

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