Wandering Siege,  Page 1
Defending Yew

For the last several weeks I have been lax in reporting happenings on Siege Perilous.  I'll try to bring you more up to date.

I received word from Sara Gules of PoC that the foul Keeonean was at Yew Abbey.

I entered the Abbey and bumped into Keeonean.  Rampage was with me and we began to fight.

We were able to strike a few blows, but his kryss struck hard.  We keep having to back off to heal up.
The battle wandered outside and more fighters arrived to challenge Keeonean.
After a good 10 minutes of combat and uncountable blows and mana dumps, I looked at his strength.  Wasn't looking good for the home team at this point.

I kept up my attack and attempted to get him riled up with complex taunts.  After a bit, we started to surround him...

Soon a group of Order of the Golden Gorger (OGG) arrived in full force and began to help surround Keeonean.

Even his ettin and orc minions could not prevent him from getting surrounded.

He realized he had no chance and escaped from certain death.

Quest thingie all done...

Vampire Dragons?

While walking to Vesper from my house, I got jumped by a group of vampires with a dragon.  How do you drink with a vengeance?  

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