Dealing with GM Ash

I launched UO and all my other goodies to begin a night of fun in Sosaria.

I checked IRC, but there was nothing going on but the usual ghey banter.
I logged onto Siege and arrived at Vesper Bank.

I decided to hang out a bit with the new players,
so I set up a little campfire and we hung out a bit.
People tended to steal the chairs, so the campfire didn't last long.

I went to the bakery to buy some cookies.
When I returned, Game Master Ash was at the bank.

He didn't seem busy, so I tried a little Vesper hospitality.

I handed him a tray of cookies...

But he just didn't seem to want them.

No real response from him. 
IMHO, he was acting a bit rude.
My mother told me to always accept a gift graciously...

Soon, we had to save Ash's life!

Look how close the savage came to getting Ash.
We were there in the nick of time.

Even after saving his life, he wouldn't talk.
We took more drastic measure to get him to speak.

I resorted to tricks that worked before.

Ash was acting like a stubborn child in his room.
So I called up my craftsman and built a room
around him.  We even decorated.

Still no reaction.

Finally as I was leaving for the night,
you see that he was watchign all along.

You can clearly see Ash looking at me when my back is turned.
Sneaky bastard!

So if you bump into GM Ash, ask him what his deal was.

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