UDL Knighting Ceremony, Page 1
Background:  On the shard of Siege Perilous, war and combat is a daily fixture.  Major forces battle across the land.  The CounterForce (CF), an alliance of good guilds, the Shadowclan Orcs (SC), the Imperium (-I-), power hungry followers of Minax, the Undead Lords (UDL), servants of Myrkul, and the Guardian's Chosen (GC), servants of the Guardian, all tend to fight at the sight of each other.

CouterForce and Imperium, while not allies, do not tend to fight for no reason.  Rumors of alliances between UDL and the Shadowclan abound.  As do rumors of secret dealings between GC and -I-.  For the most part, the groups mentioned are fierce enemies.

That makes the events of the UDL Knighting Ceremony all the more amazing.  Read on and see the first real truce ever to hold on Siege Perilous.

Here is a snippet of the invitation that  UDL released.  Invited to the inner sanctum of the enemy?  For sure this was a trap.  But after a bit of discussion, the major shard powers basically agreed that this event was to be considered a truce period. 
Since Blood Clan (BLD) is a core guild in CF and I am Blood Leader, I felt obligated to attend.

I put on my best suit of armor and waited for BLD to gather.

Lester of PPP offered to gate us to Ice Isle, home of UDL.  We had to wait a bit for Katoyha of BLD to get dressed.  We married men are used allocating extra time for things like this.
Katoyha arrived and we headed to Ice Isle.  Under our good armor and clothes, we still carried our trusted weapons in case of treachery.
As we entered UDL tower we had to hold our tounges as we saw many mortal enemies lounging about in the entry.
We were asked to sign the guest book.  I had flashbacks to my own wedding.  
What to say to a person that is about to be killed, soul taken to Myrkul,  and reborn as an undead lich in the service of a terrible god?
On top of the tower, UDL had prepared well for the ceremony.  Benches for the guests, thrones for UDL and a pentagram for the, err, bloodletting.
I took a seat and waited for the ceremony to begin.  Alora walked by looking pleased for someone whose mortal life was about to be snuffed out.
Soon major UDL figures began arriving to prepare for the Knighting
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