Treasure Hunting, Part 2

I set out with Merlot, of the Oasis Underground to do a little treasure hunting.  The map was to a small island south of Britain.  We actually used a boat instead of recalling there.
 Merlot's digging method is quite advanced and we found the treasure quickly.  Ok, that's 12,000 gold for a boat and the chest was worth 5,000, split two ways.   Hmmm, I'm confused on the profit here.
Here we did up another chest.  Nothing much exciting.
While on the unguarded isle of Jhelom, I was 'sparring' with the NPCs when a SIlver Serpent came and sent me to monochomia in about 15 seconds.  My corpse got stuck in a tree and I couldn't get to it.  I called a counselor, who called a GM that moved my corpse.  Whew!  I thought my gear would decay before the GM showed... 
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