Roaming Siege

Blood Clan has been roaming Siege looking for trouble.  As expected, we found it.

The Shadowclan Orcs decided to visit the Vesper Graveyard.  They were repulsed by the Vesper citizenry.

The murderer Anarchy found even a demon couldn't protect him from the Anti forces.

Comatose, now with the FjP, hides form the Anti forces in a house.  

Even with a blue friend banning fighters, Comatose still was killed.

BLD rallied with the forces of Good up at Coventry, including the ROK guild, to fight off a CE attack.

The Anti forces went to the CE tower to look for a fight.  They didn't want to come out and play.

After they sent a couple demons out to fight for them and refused to come out themselves, the Anti forces left.

I was able to enter the CE tower.  I was discovered after a few minutes.

After my discovery, I was treated to a nice display of magic tricks.

Ruk and I both missed the gate out, and CE was nice enough to put us together on their lawn.

Here we are fighting the speed demon Plug.  Plug & his buddies, err, umm, killed us all.  Amazingly, I lost all the other images of the fight.  Let me say I love the paralyze spell.

Our good friend, Comatose, ran into BLD at the Vesper Graveyard.  Nicely done Brothers.

Nut WC, also ran afoul of BLD.  Yes, we killed his horse too.
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