A few images of recent action

Fashion sense - so strong ^^

Six on one - Gank squad so strong ^^

Paralyze/Explosion combo - So strong

Snake-Eyes fear of dexxer para is so great that he kept his distance.
My attacks after ressing are quite popular.

From #SP:
[22:03] <Crosswind> Glendor gives new meaning to no-loot dexxer...
[22:03] <Glendor> How much reagents you burn? :)

[22:26] <Glendor> I was chasing the bad gusy with my newbie spear. Boy them mages are scared of spears..
[22:26] <Vaniir-GC> Aye!
[22:26] <Vaniir-GC> Spears and Axes...I stay away :(
[22:26] <Dan-FjP> lol
[22:27] <Dan-FjP> ra would of owned you glendor
[22:27] <Dan-FjP> would of taken alot of hits to get if off=/
[22:28] <Goo> do practice weapons do special hits?
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> yes
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> but...
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 5dmg
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 4dmg
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 4dmg
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 4dmg
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 4dmg
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 4dmg
[22:28] <Dan-FjP> 4dmg
[22:28] <Goo> must be why they don't give out newbie spears any more
[22:29] <Crosswind> pitchforks get para too!!!!
[22:29] <Glendor> And durin ghtat fight, my newbie scissors got destroyed. #PK = greifers


I meet up with the Xie folks and Barak at Vesper bank.

Soon enough the fight was on at CotD.

I think this quote out of #anti sums up the feelings of most on all sides.