Solo Wandering

I was out wandering about near Safe Haven when I spied Shai'Tan.
I attacked.

Another mage appeared and my sorry dexxer ass was no match for the two mages.
They seem quite surprised there was loot for them.

Mierin of UDL took to running past Safe Haven tower attempting to drag antis to their death.
Here she taunts me personally.

I had a brief discussion with Ivan* and Catherine near Delucia.
Interesting to say the least.

I head out the north Delcuia gates and into a big fight.

Poor Lector.  Died with both me and Ivan on the scene.
I wonder who gets credit for the kill?

I chased UDL mage endlessly.
Note my r33t tracking arrow.
He got tired of running and teleported away from me.
I taunted him, insinuating he was a chicken to fight me,
but he teleported further and then gated out.

All in all a good night of fun.
It is about having fun, isn't it?