Horse Racing in Sonoma

I got word that a horse race was being held outside Britain.  I went to the YMCA, bought a run and recalled to the racetrack.

The races are held every TUESDAY and 9PM PACIFIC time.

It looked like a cabbage patch that had been turned into a racetrack.

Soon, ibn al'Asifa showed up to run the race.  We asked him about himself and he said he came from far away.  He brandished the RimeBlade, shown here.  He said it was made of ice.  I asked if could stir my drink with it.  He ignored me.

The race track has an animal trainer there for stabling or purchasing animals.  The trainer, Orson, kept asking me how he could help me, so I told him! 

Not many showed up to the race.  Only nine riders, I think.  With  a 5,000 gold prize, I'd expect more people.  I was in the first heat.  It was best two out of three.  The riders pictured are Blackstaff of PAS (with bow), Glendor of BLD (fashionably dressed in green & red), Alexander of WL (with spell book), and Denlor of D (with poisoned scimitar).

The race was two times around.  Denlor won the first race, but Alexander came back to win the next two and get into the finals.

Here, you can see my guild leader, Grunk Half Orc, berating me for coming last in all three races. 
Here are pictures of the second race.  Inthe second race were Grunk & Ruknar of BLD, Moria and Patricia of OTR, and Bianchi of ~N~.

I took picutres of the girls, since they are much prettier than Grunk & Ruk.  Moria is on the left and Patricia is on the right, wearing a hat.

Bianchi won this heat easily.  He mutter something strange like "thank god for cable modems."  I have no idea what he meant.

In the final race, Bianchi beat Alexander handily and received the 5,000 gold.

Here you see ibn al'Asifa declaring Bianchi the winner.

Denlor kept mumbling about cheating, but he is always mubling about something.

Remember, the races are held every TUESDAY and 9PM PACIFIC time.

ibn al'Asifa said that the winners of weekly races will have a Grand Championship for more fabulous prizes.

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