Poor Glendor

As told by Jameison Ve'alba

As Ardiendo, Snaffs, and myself were wandering the
fields of Delucia the CotD we came across a large group of antis
including many Xie and some stragglers here and there.

Instead of running to the guard zone... wait...
We decided to engage the hoard for a long battle.
With the odds heavily against us we managed to take out
a few here and there. The first casualty happened to be...


*clears throat*
Following this execution was more teleporting and precise maneuvers
executed by the highly trained AaA members...
Maneuvers such as these!

and even more special ops tactics that when executed with extreme
precision, can have fatal results...
Like this for instance.

In Glendor's defense, that sheep spawn
must have gotten in his way... it's fluffy soft and cuddly
wool is obviously obstructing his right of way.

And best of all, I made out with a truly exquisite item.. 
quite possibly the rarest in all of UO. I'm glad Glendor was carrying this at the time.


crafted by the man himself! Well.. almost.
The weapon ended up in the hands of
the trash can at the Bossy Barn.

It kindly thanks you for the contribution Glendor.

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