A Night at the Theater

I heard about the play in the Calendryl Theater and decided to take a break from the warrior life to enjoy a little culture.  I head to the town on my not so faithful steed, Scout.  Almost the moment we arrived, Scout went wild and refused to obey my commands.  This was a bad omen.
After buying a ticket, I took a seat inside and waited for the show to begin.  I took the time to make snide comments as usual.  My campaign to improve Birmingham's wardrobe continues unabetted.  Note the appearance of Elder Drizzt.  He didn't say much, but all the girls were digging him.
After much blathering, the show began.  Damien led off with an opening song called 'Men in Plate.'   Due to the strange laws of physics we have in Sosaria, music and songs do poorly.  They gave it a good try and it was humorous, but rhythm is simply not part of our realm.

Next began the skit about a day at the bank.   I believe it was a take off on the famed writer Monty Python.  Next to Shakespeare, no other playwright warms my heart more than Python.

At this point a creature more powerful than anything in Sosaria took control of me.  Yes, more powerful than a GM, more impressive than Lord British himself, "The Wife" commanded me to "leave that thing alone and come here."  I was forced to obey.  At this point I have no idea what was going on.  I'm told I sat motionless while all around me continued on with the sketch.

When I returned to this world, I found a battle raging outside.  It seems a horde of undead was attacking.  Perhaps they did not like Damien's humor.  In any case, I headed into battle against the undead.  Wraiths, skeletons, and lich surrounded the theater.
Here you see me conversing with Birmingham.  She leapt into battle with no armor but a shield and sword.  I found a bit of bone armor and offered it to her.  She refused.  Typical irrational female behavior.  Err, did I say that?  I don't want to invoke the wrath of "The Wife."
As usual, I died in combat.  You can see my bones surrounded by the killed undead.  I was a bit outnumbered.
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