Even Antis get tired of BS
As told by Petri

Being the GZ camper and the type of person that ALWAYS calls for backup during even fights,
 as Naguk so kindly pointed out. Some days when I am camping on the GZ line
 waiting for that red to come so I can call guards and then call in the anti horde of 400 people.
 Sometimes things just happen.

Here Luz was bragging that any red deaths are entirely at the hands of Nex.
 He continues to brag about their faction successes.

After listening long enough, I decided a nice one on one was in order. To prove to everyone Luz abilities.

Plz, notice his health bar. I have actually done zero damage. =)

Although I failed the ump-teenth time. Xie and company got Persian as Luz ran to GZ leaving his pal behind.
 Was pretty pic. (this was later in evening,,,  goofed up sequence)

Of course it didn't take long for one of his cronies to find me. Unfortunately he got away too. =/

I know this does not show anything knew to people around here. 
I just wanted to reconfirm Naguk's comments that I am a GZ camper, which is obvious in these pics.
 Thank you for your time.

And this has not been first time.

Afflicted Kender


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