Aegis owns the Shard

Other guilds talk about being on top, but only Aegis actually achieves it.

The night began in Safe Haven.  I dyed a robe for a citizen when he began calling it a fugly robe.
I called in Aegis's official Fugly Inspector.
Aoden mac Ailles, aka Petri, showed up and declared the robe to be a fake fugly.

With Aoden on the scene, the entire Aegis gank squad was on hand.
At this point, we began owning the shard.

We discussed our situation while in Safe Haven.
lacking any member with magery does have it's drawbacks.
However, another group at Safe Haven opened a gate to the Orc Fort,
we headed through into battle.

We owned the fort of the largest guild on Siege within seconds.
Aegis projects such power that the orcs hid from us as we arrived.

Soon, the orcs began to come at us, hoping to stop the ownage.

It took the combined forces of the Orcs and the Undead to stop us.
We lost because we ran out of garlic.  Yeah, that's it.
*Petri whispers: We don't use reagents.  We're dexxer gimps remember?*
Oh yeah.  I mean... Ummm.... They ganked us!
It was like 72 on 2 or something.
And we were fighting with butter knives!

A friendly mage gated us back to Safe Haven.

From Safe haven, we raced back to the impressive Aegis fortress.
Petri used a 3rd party exploit to place pigs
 and other livestock in my way.

Here she gloats in her victory.

We will resume ownership of the shard once we reequip.

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