Hunting Order

Well, BLD rallyed up to go hunt some Order.  We gated into Trinsic and found no Order.  Previously, we had declared on DTM to allow us to spar/train without problems.  Unfortunately not all the BLD (returning from EQ) knew that DTM was orange to us as a friend.  While I was scouting, BLD and DTM briefly fought.  The confusion was cleared up quickly.

As a group, BLD and DTM scouted around the cities in search of Order.  We ended up in Deciet, near the Lich Lord room.  A gate opened and Lost Soul of [S], popped through.  He saw the Chaos group and reentered the gate.  I followed in pursuit.

I appeared outside a tower near the Spirituality Shrine.  I was banned from entry and the Murderer  Tom Waits exited the tower to confront me.  I attacked.  My poisoned blade hit nicely.  Lost Soul came out of the tower to help.  Under the barrage of the two mages, I fell.  Waits also fell as he did not cure the deadly poison in time.

Thanks to Lost Soul for the res and gate to Vesper.  An honorable act.

In Vesper we bumped into Rosencrantz and Thorin Greylocke of DV8.  They fell under the combined BLD/DTM onslaught.

After that we gated to Deceit again.  A quick scout showed no Order and a gate opened to leave.  Dougl, Warlord and I missed the gate.  We heard of Order in the Skel Knight room and headed up.

We bumped into Timbra (sp?), another DTM, on the way and soon found BD.  I think we killed Jove of BD first.  The battle raged back to the teleporter and up into the Skel Knight room.  I fell at this point.  I was too busy to take images of the fight.  DTM fought on and eventually returned to my ghost.  I was ressed and gated to Trinsic.

In Trinsic, we bumped into DV8 again.  Thorin fell.  Thanks for the armor, I lost mine in Deceit!

Note the return of Grunk Half Orc to the world of Sonoma.

We look forward to more Order hunting with our allies, DTM.

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