Fun in the New Lands


The Blood Clan entered the Ice Dungeon in search of fun and treasure.  Here, our fearless leader, Grunk, pretends to be a dog.

Llew, a founding member of BLD is know for his love of battle and a good nap.  In the span of five minutes, Llew found time to dance with the White Wyrm and nap TWICE.  That's fun stuff!
Grunk showed me a Wyvern party up near the Ophidian temple.  I count eight wyverns.
BLD and their close friends Dark Intentions (D) ended up near the Ophidian Temple looking for fun.

Here I adminster discipline to a pesky snake guy.  Note my good friend, Paksenarrion [D] (Hellsong) looking quite healthy here.
Poor Pak.  Fell asleep in the sand while tanning.  A nasty sunburn!  While she rested Snow Angel [D] and I fought more snakes with the help of a kind Demon.
To show the new found love between BLD and D, here is proof.  After the snake killing fun, we head to the bank to count the treasure.
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