We gathered in the BLD tower before heading out to hunt PKs.  Extra potions from previous victories were laid out for those that needed some.

We ran into UDL near City of the Dead.  Happily we did well and sent the Undead packing home.

Not how the Lich ignores his fallen undead cousin, Covenant.
Cracks in the ranks of Myrkul?

I saw much confusion during the fighting and decided to take after my idols, WC, and dress the team appropriately.

We hear reports of PKs near Despise and gate in.  We find the stylish AoD folk playing with the unfashionable GC folk.
Six on one gankroxxor!  

Wacker died as well.  I'm not sure if we got him or the blue CoM/GC folk did.  
Keldan and other CoM/GC folk there were very careful to stay blue while we were there.

Do you like my imitation?

We headed to the hostile Fire Island to help someone and ran into a couple of UDL.
Not the blue Lector high tailing it out of the battle.

We headed back to City of the Dead and ran more old fashioned PKs.
After the PTK, we started taking out the WC folks one by one.

We were doing well and using our strong teamwork, I thought we'd score a shutout on WC.
They resulted to insulting my cookies to shake my confidence.

More WC died and a big grin crossed my face.  Then we tried to tackle Gza.

With 5 or 6 people on him, he still was able to smack me into Monochromia.
He had another WC healing him while he dropped spell combos on my cookie loving ass.  
They even got my sweet Power spear I got from Nubluk.
After I died, we seemed to fall apart.  
After finally ressing, I saw that WC had some how come back after use ganking at least four of them to wipe out the whole Anti crew.
Quite an impressive comeback if you ask me.

I ressed and tracked down the WC crew.  I told them my views on snacks. 

They seemed insulted and dropped an X-Factor on me.  No screen shot, I was trying to escape...

After ressing I requiped and engaged the Clowns again.  This time I was on the wrong side of the gankroxxor.

Here's the WC crew just outside Delucia looking for more Anti lewt.

Good fighting by everyone.  Let's do it again.