Fighting Across Siege

I headed to Safe Haven to see if it was true that the land was empty of people.

I bumped into the notorious Zak Crosswind.

Right away, Zak was calling me names.

I sought to teach him a lesson.

Unfortunately, Zak had Niels Ashe & deaga with him, also from ToD.  I use my amazing skills to avoid death in this 3 on 1 matchup.
Zak sees his guild's weakness and attempts to muster the Safe Haven townfolk to kill me.
I mock ToD in public, earning me a quick trip to monochromia.
After a quick res, I am back in action.
Soon enough UDL arrived in force.  The battle was joined.
Yes, mages truly have it tough these days.  Dexxers have nothing to fear from a group of mages.


Here I put the smack on Lector.  No one is allowed to wear a funny hat but me.
Lector ran off in fear of my wrath and I tell the ToD boys so.
The restless Safe Haven crowd traveled to the orc fort to try to convince the orcs to stop eating everyone's horses.

We felt bad for poor Slug here.  He was trapped by two blade spirits.  Noone deserves that fate.

Here I take on 6 Shadowclan by myself.  It did not go well.
I ressed and headed toward Yew.  As I got near the Abbey, I saw Jove of BD playing guardzone jockey.  I tried to warn him not to waste the reagents, but he didn't listen.  He insisted on pushing his whole macro spell combo.  

PK action so strong...

I finally arrived back in Safe haven just in time for another UDL attack.

I go after Lector once again.  As you can see, mages are completely worthless against dexxers, they don't have any spells to hurt melee fighters.


After ressing, I stumbled across a pitchfork.  Armed, I attacked Lector again.  Would you believe he cast Mind Blast on me?
After a bit, I ran into Yoda in Safe Haven.  We walked down to one of the BLD homes to finally rest for the night.

Who says Siege Perilous is empty?  It seemed full to me.

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