A few images from the last couple nights on Siege

The Shame Freedom (SF) group headed to the orc fort looking for a fight.  We promptly slayed two orcs and took the fort.  It was a tremoundously tough battle.

Two orcs gated into the little pig pen.  We killed them.  I teleported in with my last reagents and couldn't get out.  I think a Xie came in a handed me a teleport scroll to escape.

The SF force headed to WC Keep to watch the clowns.  After entering the keep, I promptly fell into a hole in the keep stairs and got stuck.  A couple more people also fell in.  I think Sin of OGD gated us out.

The SF force got split up and UDL & Orcs rolled in to rumble.  They smacked us around handily.  Here someone laments the loss of their horse to the orcs.

The next night, we headed to GC Isle and found few GC about.  I think we got a couple, but there was no fight as GC was outnumbered.

We visited the Clowns again and they sent many White Wyrms out to fight us from the keep.

Sistro, don't let your buddy read any more of this, he might get upset.

In the end, I think we killed 5 wyrms.  This kind of house sitting loses it's appeal for me quickly.  I left to go watch a movie with the wife.