Last night I missed the Trinsic action, but I did catch some good fun roaming about.

thing we heard that WC was at the Ice Dungeon.  CF gated in and Nut was dead before the entry gate was gone.  We ressed him and sent in home.

gated back to BiH.  As we exited the gate, UDL was waiting.  You can see Disciple appearing and the combat was already underway.

Here you see my patented method on how to fight a Demon.

UDL beat us.  We were disorganized and t
hose pesky Demons hit hard.  Majha saved my butt by dispelling a Demon when I was at 3 life...  Who knows where Freeze ended up?

I reequipped at Vesper and Mike of BLD somehow got his wyrm up on the roof.  Wierd stuff.

At the same time, another part of CF was fighting GC at Deciet.  Evidently, Turtle Chomper was burning up lifeforce like water in the battle.  Here, Rampage told me about the battle and I consoled him.

We headed to Deciet to fight GC, but instead found GC corpses.  By the time we got to UDL, we found a horde of DTM.  They outnumbered us, but we had a wyrm.

DTM had tight discipline and stayed together.  CF would in and attack then retreat up while DTM stayed still and tried to heal and res the fallen.  It was good to see Arshes and other ex-OGD playing again.

Poor Caramon!

While we were fighting, UDL was summoning demons, lots of demons.  In the full shot I counted 7 demons released at once from UDL upon CF and DTM.

The battlefield was
littered with corpses.  With the demons as the main target, I escaped the DTM for a bit.

Finally I was hit.  Here I am, not quite dead, but I suddenly could see the DTM ghosts.

An assortment of the people that fell under the UDL attack.

Many of us tried to res and reequip, but UDL wouldn't stand for it.
I caught a gate out and logged for the night.
I had a good time, I hope other did as well.