Lizards in Safe Haven

The night in Safe Haven was a bit slow until a large contingent of lizardmen attacked the town.  The Defenders rallied and killed the horde.

A few minutes later, a strange lizard, Messenger Lastys, entered the town looking to speak with Vaniir, the Mayor.

Just after Messenger Lastys started speaking, a group of OGD and WC attacked.  The SH Defenders were ready for them this time and quickly pushed them out of town.
Poor MACE fell to my kryss just in front of his ally trying to heal.

They retreated and soon returned with a Wyrm in tow.  Needless to say, I fell to the infamous Paralyze/"all kill" combo.  They didn't have time to loot much off me with all the other defenders around.  No pictures, too busy.

Thanks to Alternity for sparing my horse and ressing me.  PK love ^^

Messenger Lastys returned and again asked for our 'Lord'.  We tried to find Vaniir but he was off PKing or something.
Everyone was so crowded around the lizard I could barely hear what was going on.

It seems that the Lizard King wants a meeting with Vaniir, the Safe Haven Mayor.

Soon, Seer Thalos, appeared to find out what happened.  Strange how you never see Messenger Lastys and Seer Thalos in the same room together.  
Everyone crowded around Thalos to hear what he was saying, so I didn't hear a thing he said.

Too bad, Comm Crystals don't work any more.

He talked for a good long time.  I waited patiently.
Soon, another wave of lizardmen attacked the town.  This small wave was quickly decimated.
We were told to go find the Lizardmen Holy Place in the swamp.  We stumbled upon a Lizardman Scout and, of course, everyone attacked.  

You see here the only known successful BOX by SH defenders.

Soon a seocnd Lizardman Scout appeared, along with a Holy Guard.  These guys were tough.  Endless blows rained down upon them and it barely weakened them.
The Holy Guard wandered off and I kept provoking him to fight other lizardmen since I was the lone defender around.  The other lizardmen couldn't even scratch his hide.
Finally, others appeared and came up with the tactic of using Blade Spirits against him.  It took over six Blade Spirits a long time to strike him down.

To be honest, I'm not sure why we were killing him.

After the Holy Guard died, the Blade Spirits turn on their makers.  Fortunately a mass dispel got rid of the problem

After returning to Safe Haven, Seer Thalos appeared again.  One of the Lizardmen Socuts was in town.  After much discussion, it was decided to lead the Scout back to the swamp.

I was way to tired to lead a dumb lizardman back to a swamp, so I headed inside the SH tower and went to sleep.

I can only hope that someone actually heard everything the Messenger Lastys and Seer Thalos said.  

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