Treachery at the Keep, Page 1
I had made a public call for a trip to the Star Room in the Terathan Keep.  Many expressed the desire to go see this amazing sight.  We expected to find tough monsters, but nothing experienced fighters couldn't handle.
We met up outside the Vesper Graveyard to head to the Keep.  Around 15 or so hardy adventurers were ready to go when I arrived.
We headed into the new lands.

At this point the dreaded 'crying baby daughter'  monster attacked me and I was forced to leave the party as they headed to the Terathan Keep.

I arrived at the Keep and was briefed to the state of the expedition.  Te demon was expected, but dragons were completely a surprise. 
I walked into the room where stairs led below.  Many dead.  To see what was really happening, I headed down.
At the bottom of the ladder, I was surrounded by a dragon, an avenger, and a matriarch.  I started to unsheath my kryss.
Before finishing drawing my blade, I was dead.  This did not bode well for reaching the Star Room with my bag of cookies intact.
I returned to the surface and joined the line of ghosts waiting for resurrection.
I attempted another descent into the Keep.  Of course, I died.  Luckily I was brought back to life by Calypso.  We were alive, but had no way of fighting our way to the Star Room.
I died yet again.  I began to explore the Keep.  I found entrance to the Star Room, but alas, I cannot enter as a ghost.
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