I was minding my own business in Covetus, picking chests and slaying rats when I saw a pair of Criminal Element murderers enter the dungeon.  Since as a picker I am not much of a fight, I pray to the patron saint of running, DSL, and fled.  I escaped and hid in the woods.  I called out for help from my brother in the Blood Clan.  I assumed the persona of Glendor, the fighter and ran to Covetus to find the CE.

Upon arrival, I found Cyan Bloodvain also looking for the murderers.  Soon, Darth & Winged Mailer of BLD arrived to help as well.  Before we could say "Whose got tracking?"  the two CE barreled into us.

Desmond was the first target I called and came under attack from all four of us.

Desmond  fell quickly under the assault.

Arutha made a run for it but Darth and I caught him.  We pinned him against a tree and he fell dead.

Arutha ressed and tried to loot his body before we got to it.  Darth whacked him back into monochromia.  After we looted, Darth ressed Arutha, healed him up,  and we sent him on his way.

I resumed using my chest picker and headed to Cove to mine a bit.  I bumped into Kira Lynn'Dannae  and helped her fight off a spectre.  Soon, Arutha, still unequiped,  wandered by and started chatting with Kira.  Arutha started to sweet talk Kira and I decided to mosey off.  I'm pretty sure that Arutha was interested in seeing what's under Kira's leather gear.  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.