Hats & Stuff

I began the night in Safe Haven, handing out free hats to anyone that wanted one.  I find many hats in my chest picking.
I heard reports that the Shadowclan was in Safe Haven causing havoc.  On my way from Vesper to SH, I stumbled upon a dragon gone wild.  Carefully, I lured it toward SH, hoping it would teach the orcs a lesson.

I got it to SH and came under attack of the orcs.  I had to run around to avoid death, but at some point, they killed my dragon.  Bastards.

I had to scram as they came after me.  Soon most of them gated out.

One of the orcs got left behind and a BiH ally and I killed the orc.  He killed my dragon, what did he expect?
A pirate and I tried to engage a passerby in a bit of roleplay.  He was not up for it.
First of all, I don't mind getting killed much. Sure it sucks, but as an Anti, it's kinda my job to enter into the fray at any cost. While I fight UDL, SC, WC, and others, I do respect them and have a good time fighting them. Lamech & I ran around the Compassion desert the other night until both our horse were out of stamina and we stood there looking at each other, unable to move. As soon as we got any stamina we'd run two screens, *ting *ting* *ting*, and stop again. Good stuff if you ask me. 

Now last night a trio of major league grief playing, disguise kit hiding, noto-killing cowards showed up in SH. Ignoring the warning in IRC, I started to res a dead red, when the trio attacked for going grey. I tried to run, but they had horses too and had me in last target. I died.

Now I can deal with notoPKs. I can deal with them getting my magic pitchfork. I can deal with them killing my llama *holds back a tear*
But these dewds are cowards. After looting my crap they were all grey. They were too scared to head back to SH grey.
Then, since they were bored, they moved the gear they didn't want on the llama corpse so it would decay faster. This is the definition of grief playing. I've seen plenty of dry looting, but I doubt many intentionally attempt to decay people gear.
These are the people that I fear will come to Siege in the future. People that are afraid to go grey, yet abuse the rep system.
Of course, I had my revenge. These cowards think people are scared to take a murder count. I'm not. If I go red, it would suxxor, but justice needs to be done. Thanks to others in SH that helped.
Oops, I slipped and killed his horse too.
Best of all, I got my pitchfork back!
A bit later in the night UDL showed up with a wyrm in tow.  I seemed to be a favorite target of UDL's wyrm tamer.  That thing was on my tail the whole battle.
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