Hunt for Pure Garlic

<snipped from previous hunt>
I heard that the Birmingham (Bree to her pals), needed some help finding more pure reagents.  Not being an alchemist, I dont' care much for reagents, but these hunts usually end up with some fun fighting, so I headed to Caylendrael (sp?).  It's near the Shrine of Spirituality. 

Quite an assortment of people there.  I was dashing, as usual, in new armor, astride my mount Scout. 
<end snip>

This night, Bree was looking for pure garlic.  Soon after I arrived Bree started yammering on about things.  I didn't listen much and concentrated on making snide comments.

After much talking we finally headed to Minoc to meet up with Martigan the Mad.  He was a true loon and made no sense.  Finally after six individuals were asked to sacrifice items to Martigan, he gave us a riddle. 

After taking a few detours to the Minco mines, the Moonglow Moongate, and Covetus dungeon.  The riddle led us to the Vesper moongate. Of course I wasn't paying attention and don't know why Vesper Moongate was the answer.

Now on first pass looking for hte pure garlic, we saw nothing but a bunch of dire wolves at the moongate.  The dire wolves keep us busy a bit.  Several of us roamed the world's moongates looking for sign of the pure garlic.  I had no luck and when I returned to the Vesper moongate, I found that they had found the pure garlic and that Birmingham had sampled it.

To create the magical elixir, we had to go to the Shrine of Sacrifice.  First we said the shrine mantra CAH three times.  Then Bree invoked the magic spell to make the elixir.  The magic spell was some elaborate five word thing.  I have trouble with Kal Ort Por, so I mumbled Klaatu Barrata Nictu and hoped for the best.

Once she did that dozens of bone and skeleton magi and knights appeared.  They attacked!

The undead always show up on these reagent hunts.  Smartly, I had brought a sweet silver broadsword.  The skels fell like wheat before me at first.  Soon I was the target of many of the bony monsters.  I fought valiantly, but as you can see, they got me.  They even got my horse!

Since we were at the Shrine, I ressed quickly and continued to fight.

That's six bone knight corpses in that picture.  The fighting went on for a while.
Finally we headed back to Calendryl to wrap things up.  Bree thanked us again.  Notice the blue color skirt.  Much nicer than the old green one.
Here is the magic elixir.  I'm not sure what she's doing with all these elixirs, but I hope it makes one hell of a happy hour drink!
A little bonus!  I was heading out of Vesper when I stumbled upon a Murderer!  The murderer cast an Energy Vortex, but I easily avoided it's wrath.  I returned and began stick my kryss into the villan.  The poison helped ease him into the world of monochromia.  Thanks to Ashrum for the timely paralyze spell.  As you can see the bounty barely paid for my poison potion!
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