Aegis ganks a poor PK

Other guilds talk about being on top, but only Aegis actually achieves it.

I bumped into this fine lad at Vesper Bank.

He's the one that's been offering a GM Resist bug for 100k on tradespot.

Petri and I assembled to form the Gank Squad and headed out
Delucia gates.  We reassured the other Antis not to worry anymore.
Help had arrived. 

Petri spied a rabid rat approaching and 
dispatched it quickly.
Medical crisis averted!

Soon enough the Aegis gank squad ran into Ardiendo,
a known Murderer!  The gank was on.
Ardiendo is good and we had trouble sticking with him.

Ardiendo chose me to target, probably for my stylish attire.
Petri and I chased him around quite a bit while a few randoms,
stood around and watched.

Amazing formation eh?
If Ardiendo wasn't a PK, we'd let him in -A- since he rides a cool horse too.

Of course, no one can stand against the entire
Aegis gank squad, and he dirt napped.

We ressed him, but he was still a bit angry for getting ganked.

A few mintues later, I was typing in IRC, when CH appeared.
I was target #1 and went down in a heap rather quickly.
I must have run out of garlic.

After reequipping, I ran into OGD outside the Delucia gates.
Note the fear on the OGD faces.

I posed questions to Stilgar, a newer OGD.

He failed, but instead of ganking him,
we gave him another chance since the crowd
asked nicely.

I happened upon more OGD and Aegis owned them.

At this point, OGD began begging for us to join them.

Petri's words are perfect.

Kewl Hand Luke did his best to tempt us.

But you can see, I resisted.

Finally, OGD showed their desperation and offered
money for our help.

What exactly Luke was offering, I'm not sure.
Perhaps OGD is a lifestyle and more than a guild.

We heard Myrkul's Chosen (GC/UDL) was in
Safe Haven.  Aegis led OGD into battle.
We found only brigands, but at least the town was saved.

Where else do you encounter such magnificent roleplay?

Until next time, have fun.

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