Fun with thieves


While out wandering about in the new lands making cash by making fancy ladies undergarments I was killing many deer.  I'm minding my own business when I see a guy named Goth Taco walk up and stand there.  I call out a welcome and all I see is  "Goth Taco is attacking you".  I thought perhaps that he had mistargeted since I was fighting two vicious hinds.  He said "sorry' but his arrows kept flying.  I knew I had a dumb PK on my hands.  He started with some macroed phrases like "How do I stop?" and "I'm just starting".  A quick check of his paper doll showed to be a Scoundrel.  Newbie?  Bah!  I dispatched the hinds and hid to heal up.  I was using my bard.  He looks harmless wearing studded leather armor and wielding a spear.   The PK musta thought I was easy pickings.  Actually, my bard has 100 Str, 80 Dex, 90 fencing/tactics.  Not bad for a tailor.

After healing up, I came out and told him to go away.  He started the obvious thief walkup to attempt a steal.  All the while keeping up his faux newbie banter.  I was frustrated to find that I had not brought a poisoned blade with me.  Fighting an archer with melee is not easy.  He stole the spear since I had equiped my kyrss.  We began to fight.  This was right near the City of Dead/Orc Fort in the new lands.  Other adventurers walked by and he got spooked.  He hid.  I decided to head to Delucia to get a poison blade.

I get to the city and grab a tasty deadly poisoned kryss.  Not more than a minute after arriving, Goth Taco shows up.  Now, since he stole from me, he is grey to me and I appear blue to him.  He casually walks up to the bank and starts doing his business.  I walk up next to him, equip the kyrss, and attack.  Unluckily, the first strike does not poison.  He walks two steps away and tab hides out of view.  Ah, a waiting game!  I hide next to him.  After 30 seconds, he appears and says, "that was close" and begins to walk away.  I walk up and hit him.  "Goth Taco is wracked in extreme pain!"  Lovely!  After about a minute of running in circles, and him using two cure potions, he falls dead.

During the hiding wait, I was able to boot my screen shot program. Enjoy.

Here Goth's things being looted by the mob at the bank..
Hear I make a political statement.  Note my intimidating leather armor.  He was going to get rich off by killing me.
Goth ran to the healer hut and returned to the bank.  I gave him a hard time.  He blamed his death on lag.  I blame his death on my kyrss.
He got really pissed that I was mocking him in town at the bank so he tried to steal from me again.  Once hit from the kyrss and he laid down again.  Poor Goth Taco, PKs aren't what they used to be.  Where are the Dreads of old?
I was on a roll with thieves.  Often I see greys pop into town after commiting a crime and the guard kill has timed out.  Well, in Vesper I saw Grace pop in grey.  Killing Goth felt so good I decided to try again.  Poor Grace died quickly.  All for a single rune she had stolen...

There's got to be better theives out there somewhere.

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