Dig for Treasure, Page 1
I received word from Sara Gules of PoC, that help was needed to dig up a treasure map.  Blood Clan was happy to melt.  We met up at the recently popular war room of Serpent's Hold.

Katohya, Laird Bain, Mike, and Ruknar of BLD joined me on the hunt.  Many other guilds arrived, too many to name (actually, I just didn't take notes....).

In strange green robes, Elder Riptide and Seer Derthmoore spoke of a difficult treasure mp they wanted dug up.  I missed alot of the discussion, but who cares, there were going to be monsters to fight!
Riptide cast a Gate and sent us all off to Fire Island, location of the buried treasure.
After several Gates, everyone from Serpent's Hold made it to the island.  Another gate was opened and a group of pirates stumbled out.
The pirates have some strange customs.  I won't discuss what they did upon arrival...
The Elder roamed around looking for the treasure, finally he found it.  I rubbed my hands and wondered what foul creature would spew forth to defend the chest.
A Lich Lord and a pair of Elder gazers popped up.  I tried to keep the focus on a single monster at a time.  I've seen parties destroyed by get too spread out.

The pirates jumped right in and took the cutlass to the undead.

After a bit, blood elementals popped up.  Very nasty.  Here you see one as it perished.
Even nastier were the poison elementals.  High level poison killed a number.  Good thing we had many healers with us.
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