We followed the trail of blue corpses outside Delucia until we came across these evil doers.

I am pleased with this nice grouping.  It makes it easier to loot those red potions I drink like water.

The much heard, rarely seen ToD made an appearance to help hunt the bad guys.  

We heard that J-D was at Shame so we opened a gate and ran through.  I was one of the first through the gate and ate a ton of spells.  Monochromia for me. Shame battles always end up all spread out in the trees with noone knowing what's going on.  I got ressed, we rallied at the dungeon entrance and headed home.

City of the Dead was still the hotspot when we returned.  Note the wide assortment of anti guild present, BLD, Xie, ROK, KGB, ToD (are they antis?), BiH and I think D*F.

The confusion of factions and anti-PK fighting frustrates this ToD member.  I wish they had horse dye tubs so I could make mine that color.

Nice work by the team on dropping a few more PKs.

You simply must love the various fashion choices of the group.  I discourage the blah robe, but hey, it's better than running around in underwear.

Good fighting on all sides.  I look forward to more.