Blood Castle

Some of you may remember back when BLD bought our first house. At that time, I never thought we'd own much more real estate.  BLD was a small guild and the dungeons were owned by guilds of murders.

I got to Blood Town and found the gang all whispering around me.  Finally they broke the secret that we were placing a castle tonight.


Evidently, the plan had been underway for some time.  Since I have never been a big supporter of large structures, they kept me out of the loop.

Here we are waiting to actually place the castle.

This the instant the castle magically appeared on our land.

A historic moment in BLD history.

After a bit of rejoicing we thought it might be time to actually enter Blood Castle.
The Clan worked together to move all the gear we left on the lawn inside the castle.  I'm glad I'm not the one to unsort those traveling chests.  I took a peek inside, what a mess!
Happily we take a look from atop Blood Castle.  I can only imagine the fights we will have here.
Here is an aerial view of the Castle.  Quite a tight fit on our little peninsula.
Of course, it wouldn't be a good evening on Siege without a big fight.  Soon after placing the castle, we gated outside Delucia and into a huge fight against evil murderers.
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