A busy few days

Life's been busy the last few days in Sonoma.  Here's a few of my tales.


I was making leather armor just outside of Delucia with my bard/tailor.  Three suspicious guys walked up and started snooping me.  The mage paralyzed me while the other two tried to steal things from me.  I headed toward town/guard protection.  I healed up, armed my kryss, and returned to confront them.  I attacked on of the thieves.  The returned fire.  Outnumbered, I fell back toward town.  Since I had attacked a grey thief, I was grey to them as well and a legal target in town.  I hid to take a minute to heal.  They roamed around and complained that I was a coward to not fight them.  Finally, one of them had the brilliant plan to toss a purple at me.  So Pinch, the brilliant one, tosses a purple and gets guard killed. He gets looted for being grey in town.  By this time my agressor flag has worn off and the other rOb guild member can do anything to me.  You got to love it when a PK loses big when they try to kill.

Blood Clan was doing a little PK hunting at Covetus.  Ruknar, Lanfear, and Gideon Unseen came along. We went inside and found nothing.  Upon exiting, we found the thief/PK guild M&M.  They attacked and I was the target.  I was attacking Lost Soul.  You can see my green arm sticking out in front of him on the horse.  I was attemptting to cast refelct at the time, hoping to take down one with me since I was outnumbered.  You gotta love seven on one odds.  Note my health bar as I took the screenshot.  A second later, monochomia....
But my revenge was sweet.  After I died, another group gated in.  I know there was Ender, Khell of bAd, and some of ICE.  They mopped up M&M and killed two reds.  Thanks guys!  Enjoy the stat loss!  I grabbed Lost Soul's head!  A fine trophy!  No bounty though, must have been busy killing poor newbies.
I got a message that the FOA army needed to be raised to protect Junin Pince and the Dark Wisps near Destard.  Alas, there was no time to raise an army, and by the time I arrived.  Lord British's forces had executed Junin.  They were unable to open the mysterious black chest on scene.  I challenged the assembled Britishers but noone took me on.
Here I pay homage to our fallen leader.
 May Lord British rue this day.
I was in the new lands when I got word that a group of Oasis Underground was stranded in Cyclops Valley, mainly in ghost form.  I attemtped a rescue mission.  I got two mages to gate me to the Valley.  I got seperated from them and was unable to track down the OaU party.  They got gated out by another group.  Since my bard cannot recall, I needed to find a way off the island.  I roamed around, provoking fight until I saw a boat with the plank extended.  I assumed it was OaU's boat and boarded it.  After a quick ICQ instruction from Gewürtztraminer on boat handling I was off.  Slowly and awkwardly, I drove the boat directly into a Wyvern.  The wyvern proceeded to instruct me in sea combat.  Soon I was taking a nap  ont he deck of the boat.
I was told that I could still drive the boat as a ghost.  I drove the boat to the shores of Papua.  The OaU was standing by to get me off the ship since I couldn't work the plank.  Landara ressed me and I kissed the solid ground.  OaU told me that it was't their boat.  Oops!  Guess I own a boat now...

Thanks OaU!

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