Since BLD isn't in factions, I had never seen silver coins.  Lightfoot was nice enough to show me some.

Outside Delucia, BLD, Xie, and Weehawk ran into some folks from GOD PKing the locals.  We put an end to it.

Nice placement if you ask me.

We roamed around a bit looking for the GOD that got away.  I ran into a group near CotD.  I ran in circles till help could arrive.  My horse, Scout, ran out of stamina, so I hopped off.  The GOD folks killed my horse rather than come after me.

Poor Hektor, died twice after trying to get his horse back.

When we returned to Safe Haven, we found the Shadowclan Orcs had holed up in one of the tower.  We went in after them.

This orc was really, really mad.  I don't think I've heard an orc say that word before.

I snuck back into the orcs area to loot my body.  Yes, I died.  I think the orcs were a bit confused.

I pause with Ruk to enjoy the battle before jumping back in.

Here, BLD rallied up to prepare for another Orc assault. 

We headed to the Vesper graveyard.  We bumped into a couple UDL.

Here Mor'Kai gets gankroxxored.

Here BLD gets gankroxxored by the incoming UDL troops.

Poor horse.  Yoda lent out his nightmare and it got killed.  I don't think he'll be loaning them out again.