Fighting Balart

I recieved a message that the foul one, Balart, had appeared at the YMCA.  This villian, responsible for many deaths, including Bree's mother & Damien Vryce, is a formidable foe.  I headed to the Y directly from the Blood Clan guildhouse, ready for all out battle.  When I arrived, I was shocked to find many a friend standing around watching Balart talk.  Damien Vyrce was there, but did not look his normal robust self.  It was as if he was a ghost, but not dead.

I still cannot fathom why so many strong heroes we standing around chatting while a foul, murderous, cheese-eating monster stood before them.

Not one to let diplomacy stand in the way, I attacked the evil one.  I showed those assembled, that Balart was not [invulnerable] to harm.  My poison blade struck him deeply. 

I assumed that the other fighters would leap to my aid.  Alas, it was not so.  Two of Balart's minions, Morgan le Fay and Loryn, also attacked me.  Under assualt from three, I fell in battle.

After returning to the living world, I was dismayed to find the crowd still listening to Balart's lies.  

Damien Vryce said to find Balart's weakness and that force would not beat him.  I am not a scholar.  I did poorly in school.  Fighting is my profession.  I will leave the thinking to others.  Tell me what balart's weakness is, and I'll go to the ends of Sosaria to us it on him.  Damien said that balart's own dark magic would be the end of him.

Until then, force will have to do.

I gathered my strength for another attack.  Balart, had the nerve to spit on my friend Dor.  My blood began to boil again.
Not even waiting to don my armor, I summoned my limited magicks and attacked.  Again, I came under attack and fell.  I was beginning to think that the others were under a spell.

Here you see Balart being hit by a bolt of energy.

Again I returned to the world of the living and attmepted to get the others to stop talking and fight.
Again, I attacked.  Death was certain, but if it could inspire the others, it would be worth it.
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